Chinese Search Engine List

Most Internet pages are written in English – three-quarters of the world’s pages are encoded in English, according to statistics. One fact is that the number one language in the world is Chinese, three times as many as English speakers. China has the world’s largest Internet user group, more than the United States, and its Internet market is one of the fastest growing countries in the world. Moreover, the prosperity of China’s economy and the quantity of imported goods can not be ignored. Millions of people join the relatively wealthy middle class every year.

English speaking Chinese are relatively few. They make up a small proportion of the total population, but the number is very large. Especially young people, but in terms of search engines, Chinese is the most widely used.

Chinese now import a lot of products, index you have to put your website on as many search engines as possible.

The following website is URL of ten Chinese search engines. Most of them need to submit URL. through Chinese web pages.

Major Chinese search engines List:

(You need to submit url by Chinese)

(You need to submit url by Chinese)

(You need to submit url by Chinese)

(They have English site, you can submit English pages, they translate everything, and publish in mirror Chinese Site)

(Mobile search, in Chinese)

How to build a website in China?

If you want to sell in China, or let your chinese customers know you from the information on internet, you have two opitons.

1. set up a web page in Chinese language, it is not so difficult, you can get domain name from godaddy, or any domain sellers, then write a Chinese language page, and upload it to your site.

but the problems, Chinese search words on, instead of, or locates in China, in its eyes, your sites is  a faraway site, need a lot jumps among routers. So your web will not have a good rank.

2. So you must have a website in China, geographically. is that as easy as setting up website in USA? No, in China, you must certify your ID card to get through the authentication, it takes at least 1 working day. As a internet information provider, you must get approved through ICP system, it takes around 15 days.  And if you have no business in China, you have to be an individual web builder, in this case, we have no idea how to get through.

So, by the end, you actually have no chance to have a good rank in, so the best option is to register in a website like, they would translate your company info into Chinese, and put it on a China IP website.



How to let Chinese customer find you easier? was blocked in China, so the most used search engine is,  account for 85% market share. Baidu robot index webpages by keywords, loading time, certified or not.

1.Keywords: most Chinese dont’t read English or other language besides Chinese. Although  most educated Chinese can read and write simple English, but if billion billions of  Chinese language pages on the web, why people choose English words as first search keyword?  So what you need is a keyword in Chinese, and web page in Chinese.

2.Loading time: Loading speed is key consideration while search engine scoring your site. If your website is hosted outside China, your opportunity get less. An European websites takes much much longer time to be loaded in China, sometimes 2 minutes. If you have a web page sitting inside China, you have edge.

3. Certification:You have to get certified if you want to setup a website in China, for purpose of preventing from porn, anti-government, violence related content. So actually if you have no organization in China, you have no way to setup an official website in China. So your best option is having your company info listed in a website in China.

To the end, if you want to export to China, or sell to China online, the only efficient way is register in “Export to China “and input your company and business info there. Then you content will be translated into Chinese.

1 trillion Deficit on service trade

China’s import and export of services maintained relatively rapid growth from January to July of this year,the person in charge of the Department of Trade in Services of the Ministry of Commerce disclosed on the 5th,

The total import and export volume is 29754 billion yuan (RMB, the same below), an increase of 9.9% over the same period last year. Among them, exports were 987 billion 500 million yuan, an increase of 14.6%; imports of 19879 yuan, an increase of 7.7%; and deficit is 1 trillion and 390 million yuan. In dollar terms, the growth rate of imports, exports and imports of services is 17.2%, 22.3% and 14.9% respectively.